Award of Excellence 2019

Award of Excellence is granted by Alfa Cert to those companies who excel in 2019.

When you visit their pages, in our website (also called “listings”), you will see the related symbol, which has been awarded to selected Greek Hotels, Restaurants and other Tourism Services Providers.

award of excellence

This award is granted only to a very limited number of Hotels, Restaurants and other Tourism Services Providers; to those that truly excel in their domain.

At their premises, you will also see one of the following stickers:

award of excellence 2019

Award of Excellence 2019 white

While the Excellent Choice award is based mainly on “value-for-money” criteria, the Award of Excellence is granted every year to those who offer the best that money can buy.

They are the top of the top !!!

To see the Hotels, Restaurants and other Services Providers that received the Award of Excellence for year 2019, press here.


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Kayıt Ol |

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