Excellent Choice 2019

Alfa Cert S.A. continues to award the Excellent Choice distinction, in 2019.

Excellent Choice” is awarded by Alfa Cert Inspectors, based mainly on the “value-for-money” criteria.
This is what separates “Excellent Choice” awarded companies, from the rest.

When you visit their pages, in our website www.certs-it.com (also called “listings”), you will find the following symbol:

excellent choice 2019 symbol

Companies awarded this distinction, will proudly show the following stickers in their premises.

excellent choice 2019 sticker

excellent choice 2019 sticker

Attention: Not in all listings!
For the simple reason that all alfa-certified companies may not deserve to have this award.

This distinction is also awarded to selected areas and places. For example, a city that you should discover, an amazing beach, a picturesque island, etc. You will find the above symbol in their listings.

To see the “Excellent Choice 2019” listings press here.

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