Alfacert certification

A new certification system, for the improvement of Greek Tourism.

The alfacert certification applies to all tourism-related enterprises and tries to answer all the key questions a tourist could ask, offering certified information.

alfa cert sticker

Questions not answered by other certifications:

  • A restaurant may have ISO and HACCP and “organic” and “Greek cuisine” certificates. But non of these answer for the taste of the food or the variety of the dishes served.

Questions that are not commonly answered in an ad:

  • Do they allow pets?
  • Is there a playground for kids?

Or questions that arise from the use of very general and non specific terms:

  • What does “near the sea” means? Is it actually close or do I need to walk around hundreds of meters because the soil is rocky? Is the sea suitable for swimming? Will my room have sea view? And what is the difference between “near the sea”, the “facing the sea” and “on the sea”?

The certification alfacert gives answers to all these questions

ALFA CERT S.A. certifies the services offered by tourism-related enterprises. This with specifications that are detailed, clear and transparent. The annual recertification and the random checks of the “Certified Service Provider” (hotel, rental, restaurant, bar etc) ensure continued compliance with these specifications.

Each alfacert specification consists of 3 parts

  • “General Requirements”, i.e. the requirements of the Greek and European Legislation for the specific enterprise. Requirements that should all be fully complied with.
  • “Special Requirements”, an ALFA CERT  innovation. For example, what the phrase tavern “on seaside” means, without misunderstandings. Is there a road between the tavern and the sea? Or, is the sea clean and suitable for swimming? The beach, is it rocky or sandy?
  • “Other Information”, specific to each enterprise, which will complete the information about it, with clear answers: YES, NO, 20 (eg room surface in m²).

If we want tourists to visit Greece again, and say good words to their friends, they have to “find what they expected”. They should not be disappointed with unpleasant surprises. And of course, the same applies equally to Greek travelers. Whether they go on holiday or just go out for food or to get a drink, in a place that they haven’t gone before.

So, we created the site !!!

In you will find all alfa-certified businesses

Each has a full profile which includes both the alfacert certificates of this company and all other information that a tourist would like to know. See an example of such a profile here. In this way, a user can locate what he wants from thousands of certified businesses. And he can be confident that wherever he goes, he will find what he expected.

As we say in Greece: Don’t search it. Certs-it!