Why certs-it ?

Good question. Why certs-it? Why go through the certs-it.com site for your search?

The answer is simple: Because you have no reason to rely on subjective opinions of people without experience, when organising your vacation or just going out for a drink in Greece.

And here is our questions to you:

Why trust the opinions published in other search engines, when you do not know who the person posting the comment was? Was he a person with experience to judge? Was he a friend of the owner and posted a favorable review? Or, was he a friend of a competitor that posted a negative review?

Don’t you just want to know exactly what you will get wherever you go?

ALFA CERT is here to solve this problem

Our business is to certify offered services, based on specifications that are exhaustive, clear and public. With yearly inspections and random checks of the “Certified Service Providers” (CSP).

And we use precise definitions for everything. For example, “on seaside” is defined exactly. If the is certified for “French cuisine”, you will know it is not a common restaurant serving 2 or 3 “French” dishes.

When you see the alfacert sticker, in a hotel, restaurant, bar etc, you will know that it is alfa certified. You will know that it is inspected and controlled by Alfa Cert.

why certs-it

And you will also their alfa certificate posted inside.

Going through their page in our site, you will find the amenities offered and other info, pictures, and a detailed description. And if you want more details, you can reed their alfacert specifications. They provide even more details about each alfa certified hotel, rental, restaurant, bar etc listed in our site. You can reed the specifications used for inspection and control.

So before you book a hotel or a rental, before you select a restaurant to dine or a bar to have some drinks at, check it out in certs-it.com.

See exactly what it offers and then make up your mind.

As we say in Greece: Don’t search it. Certs-it!